Mission to Ethiopia – August 2016


During the month of August we travelled to Makalle together with two representatives of the Association “Con gli occhi dell’altro ONLUS”.

The mission had the key aim to develop new initiatives to design vocational training courses for young cardiac patients and the children of DayAfterDay in their last year of high school. This framework would certainly facilitate the access to the labour market.

After sharing the program with the Ministry of Social Affairs and various administrative institutions involved in the management of these initiatives, we agreed on a collaboration with the Sisters of Charity of the Catholic Church.

They offer course in cooking, sewing or cleaning. The courses last for 6 months and allow the students to learn a job that would facilitate their access to work.

So far two young cardiac patients, who have already undergone cardiac surgery, have enrolled in cooking classes. To allow the girls to follow the course Milena will cover the registration fee, board, lodging and transportation for the entire duration of the training.

At the same time, other contacts have been activated in order to establish similar collaborations with other institutes and professional schools in order to have a more extensive training program.

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