The association “Save a life4life ETS” – “Save a life – Association for heart disease ONLUS ETS” operates in the field of social and health care in Italy and abroad for the pursuit of purposes of solidarity through the development cooperation activities on the basis of the law August 11, 2015 n.125 “General rules on international cooperation for development”.

The association was founded in 2001 as “Milena NGO NPO” to promote development cooperation activities in the field of social and health care, training and research for the study of cardiomyopathies, cause of heart failure in young people and sudden death. In Africa, specifically in Ethiopia, the association plays an important health and social role, recognized by the Ministry of Health of Tigray.

In 2019 we changed our name to Save a life4life  as we realized that over the years we found too often ourselves facing difficulties and emergency situations where early action could save a life.

This has become our goal and our statement: to save a life.

Most of the activities to implement our projects has been possible thanks to the work and free participation of people who wanted to devote and continue to devote a part of their time to the association.

La maggior parte delle attività per realizzare i nostri progetti sono state possibili grazie al lavoro e alla partecipazione a titolo gratuito di persone che hanno voluto dedicare e continuano a dedicare una parte del loro tempo all’associazione.

These are the people who provide skills, professionalism, commitment and a lot of passion.

Elisabetta Zachara


Gennaro Santoro


Giovanni Battista Calabri


Augusto Pappalardo


Lucia De Lio


Ascanio Giannini


Barbara Valeri

Professional nurse

Domenico Fanelli

Clinical Engineering Technician