Day After Day

Given the daily reality facing Ethiopian children, the NGO decided to start a day care centre in the hope of providing a space for orphaned children and improve the quality of their lives. The centre would support them to attend school while offering further education, nutrition and sanitation.

Day After Day (DAD) opened in 2009 and marked an important step in the journey of the NGO.

The centre’s structure aims to give support to this highly vulnerable population, offering “day by day” the possibility of reintegration into a new family context and a place to play, study and smile.

The Centre can offer children an opportunity to build a better future.

The key founding principles in the daily management of the Day After Day are:

  • respect for the rights of the child
  • respect for local rules and customs
  • protection of children’s dignity, integrity and identity
  • protection of children within their own culture and values.

The centre is run by the NGO together with the local institutions, local personnel (10 operators) and international volunteers (about 8 experts per year).