10 euros are enough


What can you do with 10 euros?

You can help a heart patient, a boy or a girl who live in Ethiopia and have no means for treatment. They need life-saving medications and 10 euros are enough to ensure each for a month:

  • 30 anticoagulant tablets (one per day)
  • 1 dose of antibiotic – penicillin (one every four weeks)
  • 2 test strips for measuring blood coagulation (one every two weeks)

If you want to help us donate 10 euros, or if you can even a larger amount, directly from the donation page  – https://www.savealifeforlife.org/en/donations/ – or by:

  • Bank transfer
  • Bank check

10 euros are enough to bring back a smile.

To thank you we will send you the Save a life4life 2021 calendar and the 2021 supporter card.

Thank you very much!

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